Handmade Beauty: Make your own beauty products!

Handmade beauty products make a great DIY gift idea. They are perfect for Mother’s Day and even Teacher Appreciation Week. I have collected over 30 great recipes for you to try. Use them for yourself or make them as gift ideas. They are inexpensive and perfect for experimenting! Use a few recipes then experiment with your own great versions. You will most likely find the beauty products of your dreams…all in your own kitchen!

Handmade Beauty:  DIY Recipes to Try

Click on each link and the recipe will open in another tab on your computer. From there you can pin or print to try these recipes for yourself!

  1. Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub
  2. Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub
  3. 3 Ingredient Sugar Scrub
  4. Lavender Sugar Scrub
  5. Bubbling Lavender Bath Salts
  6. Citrus Bath Salts
  7. Mason Jar Bath Bomb
  8. Bedtime Lotion
  9. Blueberry Sugar Scrub
  10. Lotion Bars
  11. Sugar Lip Scrub
  12. Cinnamon Vanilla Body Butter
  13. Citrus Rose Sugar Scrub Bars
  14. Mermaid Lotion Bar
  15. Whipped Gingerbread Body Butter
  16. Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub Cubes
  17. Honey Lemon Lotion Bars
  18. Chocolate Coconut Sugar Scrub
  19. Whipped Coconut Oil Cooling Lotion
  20. White Chocolate Lotion Bar
  21. Citrus Vanilla Sugar Scrub
  22. White Peppermint Lip Scrub
  23. Baby Rose Sugar Scrub
  24. Soy Lotion Bar
  25. Calming Lavender Lotion
  26. Deodorant Lotion Bar
  27. Vanilla Coffee Sugar Scrub Cubes
  28. Lavender In Shower Lotion Bar
  29. Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub
  30. Sunscreen Lotion Bar
  31. Coconut Oil Lotion Bar
  32. Cranberry Sugar Scrub
  33. Shea Butter Lotion Bar
  34. Cranberry Solid Lotion Bar
  35. Key Lime Pie Sugar Scrub
  36. Ginger & Turmeric Face Polish
  37. Lavender Soap & Sugar Scrub
  38. Roses Sugar Body Scrub
  39. Maple Almond Sugar Scrub
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Add these handmade beauty ideas to your must make list. You will love the all natural products and knowing exactly what is in the beauty products that you use on your skin. Handmade beauty products are the ultimate in DIY luxury and they are so affordable. Pick up a few supplies and experiment with several of these recipes.

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Handmade Beauty: Make your own beauty products!